PageCounter Pro

Equitrac's Flagship Cost Recovery Terminal

PageCounter Professional is Equitrac's advanced cost recovery terminal for collecting copy, fax, scan and disbursement data related to client billing. Its unique software-based architecture makes this terminal versatile and user-friendly, fitting into any professional environment to help increase billable percentages and overall accuracy.

PageCounter Professional's flexible software and hardware provide a number of benefits including: TCP/IP support for easy integration, enhanced graphical interface, real time communications, easy to use online help, remote diagnostic support for fast serviceability and a database architecture for full offline capability. Featuring the MyPrint technology, PageCounter Professional also offers the benefit of secure printing so users can retrieve their print jobs securely and at their convenience.

To maximize the usage of each terminal, the dual fax option allows one terminal to control up to two fax machines and a copier from a single terminal. PageCounter Professional also offers standard dual Ethernet ports for mini-hub capability. This permits firms to connect the PageCounter Professional and a networked multifunction device into a single network drop.