Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we hope to answer the most common questions about cost recovery.

    Q.My copier can print a report of copies by account. Why should I pay for an additional cost recovery system?

    A. A small office with one or two office machines can often rely on the manufacturer’s built in auditing reports.  However, as the number of copiers, fax machines and printers increases, management of account lists (entered into each machine) and the manual transcription of printed reports (from each individual machine) becomes increasingly burdensome on your adminstrative staff. We have found that businesses with four or more copiers or fax machines will profit by investing in a comprehensive cost recovery solution. Let us show you the numbers!

    Q.My copier has just been attached to the network. How can I effectively track documents that are sent to it via my network?

    A. Cost Recovery Systems, Inc. has print tracking solutions to capture documents sent from computer workstations to “network attached” copiers. Take a look at Equitrac Professional or Equitrac Office.  Or better yet, contact us for a free consultation.

    Q. How much does a cost recovery system cost?

    A. Cost Recovery Solution prices vary widely as do the needs of individual firms. We never recommend installing a system that won’t pay for itself within months. Our customers find that an effective cost recovery system will finance itself by eliminating inappropriate usage, increasing their ratio of recovered costs and by freeing staff from costly manual labor associated with most cost recovery efforts.  

    Q. My users have a difficult time remembering all the account codes we use. Often they enter their “best guess” which results in reports filled with unreliable data.

    A. Our solutions not only record account codes but validate them before allowing use of equipment. Our access control terminals provide users with the ability to “look up” account codes by name or code, even if all they can remember is a small portion of the account name or code. This insures accurate data and allows users a convenient method of remembering codes.

    Q. I have a new copier with color capabilities.  How can I control the use of this color capability most effectively.

    A. Equitrac offers a great deal of control of the use of color at copiers and printers.  Various strategies are available from personal quotas, to rules preventing the printing (in color) from particular programs, like web browsers.  Constact us for specific options to meet your company’s needs.

If you have a question, please email us at email-info03. We’ll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.  Or call us between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM HST at
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