Express 4

The Complete Solution for Managing and Recovery Document Costs in Educational and Library Environments

Enforce print quotas, end print waste and improve service - with Equitrac Express 4, the most-advanced version yet of Equitrac's market-leading print and copy management solution for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and libraries.

Equitrac Express 4 provides powerful, yet easy-to-use, tools for centralized management of your entire printer and copier fleet as well as enhanced print and copy quota allocation and payment options for students, faculty, staff and campus and library guests. Usage management capabilities help reduce waste and contain printer and copier costs, minimize IT resource requirements and reduce printing-related help desk calls.

Available as both device-embedded or terminal-based solutions, Equitrac Express 4 supports networked multifunction devices from every major office equipment manufacturer. Vendor-neutral support for multiple print workflows, database types, operating systems and user identification methods speeds and simplifies direct integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

New features and capabilities include:

  • Full support for CBord Odyssey and Blackboard campus-card accounting systems, expanding Equitrac's flexible at-device payment options, now including cash, billing code, user account, stored value cards or campus cards
  • Automated end-user PIN management, allowing users to create and change their own PINs and IT staff to assign temporary numbers and automate the resetting of forgotten PIN codes
  • "Send To" printing that lets users share documents by sending others the permission to print rather than distributing files; authorized users can override page charges so that tests or required courseware don't count against students' quotas
  • Enhanced Follow-You™ printing, enabling users to retrieve jobs on any printer regardless of original destination, using either a PageCounter or a Release Station
  • Device Monitoring Engine (DME) that simplifies networked fleet management; DME combines intelligent rules-based alerts, dynamic device-status-based document routing and faults and availability reporting to provide network-wide real-time monitoring
  • Proactive fault detection and timely error notification that help technical staff resolve issues before they become problems
  • Tracking of queued but never printed jobs, enabling analysis of the cost savings and waste reduction achieved through use of Secure Document Release