Equitrac Print Tracking

Software Solutions for Controlling Printing Costs

The increasing reliance on electronic document conveyance and email has resulted in a shift from copying printed materials to printing directly from online resources. This rapid increase in printing has caught many professional firms without an adequate way to monitor, track, and bill print jobs across their organization.

In the past several years print tracking has emerged as the central application of Equitrac products. Each product is designed to capture detailed information about an organization's printing activities for cost recovery and expense management purposes.

On every print, users can be automatically prompted to enter a client/matter or project code to easily allocate each print job to the proper billing code. Our integration with leading Document Management Systems means that Client/Matter information can be automatically pre-filled for the user. Equitrac print tracking can be configured to track silently (no pop-up) based on the application being used, the selected printer, or the workstation being used to print.

Call Cost Recovery Systems @ (808) 523-9660 for a specific product recomendation based on your organizations unique requirements. Trial versions of Equitrac’s comprehensive solutions are available for as little as $100.00. Don’t delay! Unrecovered expenses are revenue that is lost forever.