Welcome to the Cost Recovery Systems, Inc. Web site. Our business is all about saving you money.

Our team has been serving professional service firms in Hawaii since 1998. We specialize in custom configured cost recovery systems.

We carefully evaluate the billing policies of our clients and potential clients. We evaluate the number and nature of the expenses they incur on behalf of their customers. We look at the office equipment they own and how they use it. Only then do we propose a system design. We always strive to integrate our solution with their accounting system to maximize convenience and minimize administration.

Not only do our customers enjoy remarkable improvement in their recovery of copy, fax, telephone, print, postage, and other expenses, but they also reduce their administrative man-hours. Our solutions pay for themselves by increasing recovery while lowering costs.

At this site, you will discover all about our cost recovery solutions. You will see how today’s savvy businesses are using our technology to fully account for the costs associated with customer projects and to insure their complete recovery.

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